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Gemini Forms & Systems, Inc. provides numerous clients with labels, ribbons, and label/form combinations. We can provide stock and custom thermal transfer labels, and ribbons. We also offer stock and custom laser labels. Our expertise can provide the best business solution for your application.

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If you don't see what you are looking for here, call us. We've never found a label we couldn't print!



    • Computer Labels (stock, custom)
    • Thermal Transfer Labels & Direct Thermal
    • Laser Compatible
    • Bar Coded Labels
    • AIAG Labels
    • Screen Printing / Decals
    • Computer Pin Feed / Rolls
    • Printing up to 6 Color
    • UV Coated / Laminated
    • Custom Die-Cut Labels
    • Static Cling


Gemini Forms creates food labels - here is an example

    • Freezer Grade
    • Fruit & Produce Labels (direct contact)
    • Package & Product Labels (indirect contact)
    • UV or Laminated
    • Applications for wide range of temperatures


Notes Regarding Food Labels:

We produce labels for direct or indirect food contact.  Examples of direct food contact would be a label applied directly to the tomato or banana that you purchase.  A label that goes on packaging or outside of plastic wrap etc, would be considered indirect. We would need to know about application temperature and service range temps.  A label applied at room temperature then going into a fridge or freezer would require a different adhesive than a label being applied to a product that is already cold or frozen.


We always recommend protecting the printing with a U.V. or Lamination.  Food Labels tend to be exposed to moisture & condensation and even wet hands can smear a print surface that’s left without protection.


    • Design & Consultation
    • Computerized Management
    • Inventory Control Programs
    • Invoicing on Release
    • Local Daily Delivery
    • Rush Delivery